first of all, right here are the regulations:


the game can be played among 2 – n players (of route there’s a limit in any case there are 56 cards best)


  1. supplier offers three cards to gamers.
  2. participant both sees the playing cards >> visible

or plays without searching >> BLIND

  1. first of all, each participant will pay an quantity earlier than beginning the game.

four. Now the players play in turns in counter-clockwise course.

five. In every turn, the participant bets on his playing cards (its called “chaal” in india)

  1. The participant can leave contemporary sport (spherical) at any time >> %
  2. the game advances advances as the making a bet will increase for every round.



betting rule:

  1. BLIND can pay half of the contemporary having a bet fee. He can boom the betting charge if he needs
  2. visible can pay precisely the betting charge. He too can boom the making a bet charge if he desires

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participant removal,

  1. two consequetive players can decide on a “side display” where the one having lowest card value quits the present day sport (round)
  2. sport advances till there are best players closing.

three. whilst two gamers are remaining, you will call for a “show” – ending the sport, total guess quantity is going to winner.



I dont see a lot problems making this game (its nevertheless hard, but i feel i may be capable of manage it)

Now what i likely have troubles with is the computer AI, it has to decide stuff like:


  1. Play Blind or visible
  2. sum of money to wager on

three. while to %

four. Bluff bet to encourage others to percent.

Ace is the best, as a result the highest card sequence is A,A,A and normally gamers having that set guess very excessive and disagree for a side show too

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