Rates for web site localization

The price of translations for web site localization projects that require encoding can be defined by the number of pages. However, this method can make the project more expensive for the customer, because many of the pages are generated automatically from a database. In these cases, we prefer to pay the work for hourly unit.

Prices for software localization

The localization of software or content management systems can have both a price on an hourly basis or a fixed translation fee covering the entire project.

Costs for locating product catalogs and e-commerce

Rates for projects of localization of e-commerce product catalogs that need to be encoded are based on the number of words to be translated. We can manage the customer catalogs in xml streams, so that could provide ready to be uploaded to your online shop.

Product catalogues the repetitiveness of a sentence is used: for this we decided to apply a different rate depending on the degree of novelty of the word/phrase in the text.

Rates are the most competitive translators

Our accurate and precise translations and unparalleled costs are the direct result of the work of our translators are highly qualified. Most agencies do carry out work to other firms or individuals. We always prefer dealing directly with translators to ensure a first class product at the best prices.

At company we do our best to apply a fair and transparent tariff system for our customer. Therefore, for our services we always suggest a method of pricing per word or prices for translations folder.

We respond to all translations performed by our translators. If you are not completely satisfied with respect to one of our projects, we will work with you and/or your team until we reach a satisfactory solution.

Billing information

Chinese Translation Company normally requires the prepayment. In the case of accredited clients and with several payments behind, we can propose a form of deferred payment, on a monthly basis. That said, we will work with your company, on a case by case basis in order to meet your requirements.…